I started my own brand design studio called Transatlantika transat​lanti​ka​.co


Brand Identity & Packaging

The organic snack bar Urkraft consists solely of fruits and nuts.

I created a logo and identity including the packaging design and some icons that express the german-made product in a modern and naturally friendly way.

The script version of the logo explains the origin of the Ur” symbol on the products.

The brand typeface Sharp Sans No.1 has a minimalistic look while being playful in the italic cuts.

The different cuts of the typeface leave many options for the brand to communicate.

The Urkraft colours are inspired by the snack bar’s flavours.

In the brand communication they can be used in combination with each other to create a powerful visual impact.

Simple but playful icons highlight the snack bar’s benefits.

The business cards use the different colour ways of the Urkraft flavours.

The display packaging design plays with a largely scaled and cropped Ur” symbol.

A lot of different style directions were explored during the design process.

Brand Identity & Packaging
Created in 2015

Client: Urkraft GmbH
Art Direction & Design: Philipp Zurmöhle

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