Schaltraum Architecture


Graphic identity, website and logo design for Schaltraum Architects from Hamburg, Germany.

A minimalistic black and white layout that uses a lot of white space creates a professional appeal and provides an effective stage for Schaltraum’s glossy architectural images.

In an architectural groundplan a Schaltraum” (german) is a room that can be assigned to different usage purposes. The turned letters L and T in the logo visually create this room and subtly show the versatility of the studio.

The website is designed using a strict grid that leaves a lot of space for big images.

Website design by Philipp Zurmöhle → web development by
slim brand interactive.

Text boxes that pick up a color from the image next to it liven up the look of the pages.

Responsive web design makes sure that the content can be viewed easily on different devices like phones and tablets.

The stylized measurement line is used as a graphical element that interacts with the logo. 

Schaltraum Identity
Created in 2014

Client: Schaltraum Architecture
Art Direction & Design: Philipp Zurmöhle
Web Development: slim brand interactive

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