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Memories I Had Forgotten

Series of Paintings

These oil paintings relate to vague recollections of my past, mixed with mysterious phenomena and cultural cues.

Park” oil on canvas, 16x20 inches

Altes Schland“ oil on canvas, 36x48 inches →

Oyamatsumi“ oil on canvas, 18x24 inches

Hanabi“ oil on canvas, 36x48 inches

Inugami“ oil on canvas, 16x20 inches →

Centurion“ oil on canvas, 36x48 inches

Spukhafte Fernwirkung” oil on canvas, 18x14 inches

Cumulonimbus“ oil on canvas, 20x24 inches →

Seit dem Beginn der Wetteraufzeichnung“ oil on canvas, 30x40 inches

Memories I Had Forgotten
Series of Paintings
Created 2018 — 2019

Artist: Philipp Zurmöhle

If now, when?”