Hi-Pointe Drive-In

Interior Graphics

Signage and wall/​window illustrations for Hi-Pointe Drive-In diner in downtown St. Louis, Missouri.

The playful identity of the restaurant asked for a quirky dining environment from outer space.

Collaboration with Meagan Geer Studio.

← Condiment rockets launch and crater straw placement is initiated

An explosive portal marks the entrance →

The Hi-Pointe Drive-In ordering counter features a planetary scene →

← Playful typographic stickers for Hi-Pointe Drive-In

Fries are lined up at the ordering counter →

Fry individuals →

Hi-Pointe Drive-In
Interior Illustrations
Created in 2019

Client: Hi-Pointe Drive-In
Creative Direction: Meagan Geer
Design & Illustration: Philipp Zurmöhle

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