Code of Sport Patterns

Code of Sport graphical pattern concept and logotype for the adidas creative direction team.

The patterns are made up by just a few graphical elements that are inspired by the lines of a playing field.

These shapes are used to build all of the following Code of Sport patterns.

The Code of Sport can look like an alien” language, that is rather easy…

…or a very complex system of fictitious characters.

Patterns can be created that are more closely related to the sports theme. In this case a playing field and a tennis ball.

The graphical Code of Sport elements can make up a net on a basketball hoop.

Adding a second color can make the patterns feel more three-dimensional. Here they appeal woven which relates do adidas’ apparel products.

Adding a third color can exaggerate that three-dimensional feel.

Die Marke mit den drei Streifen.”

Code of Sport Patterns
Created in 2017

Client: adidas
Project Lead: Josh Herr
Concept & Illustration: Philipp Zurmöhle

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